Restrooms Leave A Lasting Impression

For both building occupants and visitors, restrooms are one of the most visible areas within a facility.  In fact, a lack of restroom cleanliness is a top complaint. Surveys suggest that both appearance and cleanliness are generally below what people consider acceptable or desirable. Restrooms are high-use and high-maintenance areas, and unless they are specifically designed to address these factors, their appearance and cleanliness will suffer.

Every element of the restroom’s design – soap dispensers, waste can placement, toilet partition mounting arrangements, equipment finishes, along with color choice, and even touchless exit doors – must be considered as it impacts cleaning labor and materials. High-profile restrooms, such as those within corporate headquarters, restaurants, malls, schools and hotels, require an appearance that projects a professional image to employees and visitors. The finishes and the product materials should be durable and resistant to abuse in order to maintain an acceptable appearance.

There are also installable solutions that can improve a restroom’s appearance, while also potentially reducing its ongoing maintenance costs. Many building owners are already dealing with restroom issues and possibly seeking resolutions to them.  Understanding restrooms issues and offering solutions for to the restroom’s malfunction is LaForce’s line of expertise! Check out LaForce’s clean restroom solutions here.