Maintenance Corner

Door, Frame, and Hardware Glossary

“How To” Infographic Compilation

NAQ’s: Never Asked Questions

Security Integration:

[VIDEO] Latch Retraction Exit Devices: Solenoid Driven vs. Motorized


Four Maintenance Considerations for Updating a Fire Rated (Labeled) Door or Frame

Three Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Building’s Door(s)

LaForce Door Handing Guide

How to Shim a Door Infographic

Help! I Need a Giant Door

Warped Doors? Thermal Bow Might Be to Blame

Repair or Replace? Five Questions to Ask About Your Old Door(s)

Grain Patterns on Wood Doors Explained

Tips & Tricks: Conserving Winter Energy Costs at your Facility (+Infographic)

Keep this Reference Handy – Door Handing Explained

Increasing Life – Door and Frame Maintenance Checks

Using a Ruler – Measuring Tips for Doors and Frame

Bad Door – Worst Door Ever Replaced by Tom

4 Notes for Updating a Fire Rated Labeled Door

Traffic Gates


What is Lock Bumping? Break-In Prevention & Apartment Security Tips!

Electric Strikes vs. Electrified Locks – Differences and Applications

What is a “Door Closer” and Why Should I Care?

What’s the Difference? Cylindrical Locks vs. Mortise Locks

12V or 24V Power Source in Electrified Hardware – Which One do I Pick? 

Freezing and Seizing Solutions: Prevention for a Frozen Lock

The Key to Cylinders – Cylinder Care 101

Wreaking havoc on door closers!

Stripping you of Energy – Week 1 of Conserving Energy

Closing in the Energy – Week 2 of Conserving Energy

Gaps in Energy Savings – Week 3 of Conserving Energy

The Key to Cylinders


What’s the Difference? Hollow Metal Frames vs. Aluminum Frames

How To… Shim a Door

Profiling Frames: Welded Frames vs. KD Frames

Location, Location, Location – Manufacturing Preference


Building Bathrooms with Greater Privacy

Mail Slot Improvising

Safety & Codes:

Six Considerations for Finding the Right Security System

Code Alert! Fire Rated Doors and Signage

Door Protection Plates and Fire Rated Doors

Do Popular “Escape Rooms” Violate Building Safety Standards?

Code Alert! Door Coordinators, Overlapping Astragals, and Vertical Rod Fire Exit Hardware

Building Safety Month: Flammable Storage

Safety First at LaForce

Standard or Codes: The Difference

Handicap Requirements

Trouble Shooting Tips and Tricks

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