Total Service with LaForce’s Division 8 and 28 Capabilities

Special thanks to Rob Russell, Security Integration Operations Manager, for providing the latest news and updates regarding LaForce’s expertise in electrical components.

Total Service with LaForce’s Division 8 and 28 Capabilities

In November, we discussed industry changes that affect how intelligent and electrified door hardware are specified in construction projects. Division 8 represents building openings (including door hardware) and Division 28 represents Electronic Safety and Security. The Security Industry Association (SIA) and Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) decided to move all intelligent devices for a door opening into the Division 28 category.

While this update will take several years to fully integrate into all construction practices, LaForce has already adjusted to the new norms. This allows us to be a great resource for not only General Contractors (GC’s), but also Electrical Contractors (EC’s), who usually work within Division 28 but may need support with door hardware components.

Why was this change implemented in the industry? The purpose of moving items from Division 8 to Division 28 was ultimately driven by end users. They require product and service providers who do not just supply products, but also provide installation, service, and support in addition to supplying the products.

LaForce provides the ideal solution in the Division 8/28 realm. We are a reliable resource for GC’s, EC’s, and end users. We are not just a hardware distributor, but a total opening solution provider. Our solutions essentially go beyond product distribution and focus on ongoing service. To GC’s and EC’s, this means taking care of the end user and ensuring their satisfaction.  This involves commissioning and programming the intelligent hardware products as well as comprehensive training and ongoing technical support for the end user.

LaForce has access and expertise with many lines of hardware, power supplies and software, which gives us the ability to satisfy all of our customer’s needs. As technology and the IoT (Internet of Things) evolve within the door hardware industry, we will continue to take care of GC’s, EC’s and end users. These groups can lean on LaForce for their total opening solution. Read more about our Security Integration team in this link!

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