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With over 60 years experience in the industry, LaForce has the knowledge and resources to supply building products while a building is being constructed and throughout the building’s lifetime. Our Contract Sales team works closely with general contractors and architects during construction, while our Building Consultants assist building owners and facility managers with on-going building maintenance.

Doors  *  Frames  *  Hardware  *  Architectural Services  *  Customized Pre-Finishing  *  Security Integration  *  Building Specialties  *  Fire Door Inspections  *  Key Services  *  Installation/Pre-Installation  *  LEED

Project Management:

What to Expect – Working with LaForce to Complete Your Project


Learn About LaForce: Doors & Frames

What’s the Difference? Tornado Doors vs. Hurricane Doors

6 Ways Your Doors Can Make and Save You Money

What’s the Difference Between Interior and Exterior Steel Doors?

Custom Wood Door Finishes from LaForce

Wood Doors in Exterior Applications

Fire Rated vs. Fire Door: What’s the Difference? 

Why are Many Restroom Doors “Pull to Exit”, not “Push to Exit”?

Wood Veneers Explained: Rotary Natural Birch

Why Use Automatic Openers for Swinging Doors?

Surviving a Storm with Safe Doors

Grain Patterns on Wood Doors Explained

Cores: A Titanic Comparison

Double Act: What are double egress doors and double acting doors?

The Face of Wood Doors – Wood Veneer 101

The Face of Wood Doors – Wood Veneer 102

The eye of the storm – Tornado & Hurricane Doors

Pair of Doors – What is the difference between Pairs and a Bank

The Face of Wood Doors – Wood Veneer 101

The Face of Wood Doors -Wood Veneer 102

Smooth, Sleek, chic- Stainless Steel Doors and Frames

Double Door Action: Fire Rated Behavioral Healthcare Patient Room Access Door

The Complete Stainless Steel Package


Learn About LaForce: Doors & Frames

What’s the Difference? Welded Frames vs. Knock-Down Frames

What’s the Difference? Hollow Metal Frames vs. Aluminum Frames

Door Frame Anchor Types, Definitions, and Applications

Before & After: Clamshell Door Frame

LaForce is Exclusively Approved to Manufacture a Fire Rated, Closed Back Frame


Learn About LaForce: Hardware & Keying

Product Spotlight: Update Your Entrance into a Remarkable Experience!

Old is Now New – Breathing New life into Old Buildings

14 Types of Mortise Locksets

17 Types of Cylindrical Locksets

Black Friday Rush

LEEDing Door Hardware to Sustainability

Maintaining Your Hardware

Exit Devices – Code Alert

“When in Rome” – A movie incorporating hardware in a scene to make it humorous

Rixson Hold-Open

Where are the Thresholds?

Architectural Services:

Learn About LaForce: Architectural Services

What Type of Workplaces do Millennials Really Require?

Working with BIM to Complete Your Project and Manage Your Building

Handling “Division 28” Specifications at LaForce

Fresh Addition to Our AIA Course Offerings: Basic Keying of Architectural Hardware 

Architectural Services Offering an Expanded AIA Class List

Detailed, Dedicated, and Determined: LaForce Architectural Services Division is a Vital Tool for Customers

AIA Continuing Education Classes through LaForce

Customized Pre-Finishing

Learn About LaForce: Customized Pre-Finishing

5 Reasons LaForce Customers Use Our Pre-Finishing Service

Security Integration:

Learn About LaForce: Security Integration

Cloud-Based Mobile Access Control Solutions

Keeping Your Building Safe: LaForce’s Security Integration Team Answers the Question: “What’s New?”

Classroom Barricade Devices: A Potentially Dangerous Development

The Project of the National Shrine of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini – Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

Brivo Access Control System

3 Types of Host systems for your building – PC, Software, Cloud

Imaging the Future: Intercom Systems

Simile Steps to Building Security

Case Study – Low-E Glass is the Lineman blocker

Biometrics Access Control Technologies

You are being watched: Closed Circuit Television

Near Field Communication and Mobile Access

Building Specialties:

Learn About LaForce: Building Specialties

Locker Material Types: What are the Differences? 

Restroom Reform: BABIES Act of 2016

Building Bathrooms with Greater Privacy

People Expect Restroom Automation… So Make it Happen!

Why are Many Restroom Doors “Pull to Exit”, not “Push to Exit”?

The Power of Signs

3 Steps to Lesson Your Footprint in the Restroom – your carbon footprint!

Questionable Bathroom Partitions

Restrooms Leave a Lasting Impression

Don’t Blow Away – High-Speed hand Dryers

Fire Door Inspection Services:

Learn About LaForce: Fire Door Inspections

Fire Door Inspections — Educational Video

Fire  Door Inspections: Frequently Asked Questions

Importance of Life Safety – Fire Door Protection

Owner of the Label

A positive change in fire testing – Positive Fire Test

Key Services:

Learn About LaForce: Hardware & Keying

Building Protection 101: Understanding Masterkeying

Your Keying System Unlocked: Common Problems and Solutions

Cylinder Security?

Choosing your cylinder carefully – Standard Core Cylinders vs. Removable Core Cylinders


Learn About LaForce: Installation and Pre-Installation

Pre-Installation – A new way to save time


LaForce’s LEED Expert

What does the LEED International Program mean to LaForce?

Taking the LEED (exam)

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