LaForce’s Continuous Improvement Team: Mid-Year Update

 Continuous Improvement Team Mid Year Update LaForce has always valued continuous improvement as a core business value. A key hallmark of our founder’s personality was his philosophy: “It can always be better!” Joe LaForce encouraged people to challenge the status quo, and this value is baked into the culture of LaForce. We strive to be fast, efficient, and productive for our customers, and recognize that improving our processes is an ongoing journey. We also invest in people and promote from within, as evidenced with Lean Six Sigma Training and on-site business analysts.

All three Continuous Improvement Business Analysts recently completed Lean Six Sigma training, earning their Green Belt certifications. This dedicated team focuses on internal projects that prioritize lean education and process improvement. Recently, we completed several initiatives that further streamline LaForce’s processes and provide the utmost in quality control.

  • We helped our Hardware Purchasing team eliminate unnecessary steps in order fulfillment. The new process is electronic instead of paper-based, which not only saves time, but speaks to our commitment to sustainability.
  • The Engineering team received advanced training on existing software (Bluebeam) to increase efficiency and expand their knowledge and comfort with the program. In addition, Engineering’s “Prelims” team changed its process to clarify communication with the Engineering team, which increased efficiency as projects are engineered.
  • We improved the process for tracking Shop drawings, leading to a more accurate assessment of lead times. This allows us to successfully assess our workload and allocate work among members of the Engineering team.
  • Our manufacturing team is currently aligning three press brakes to provide a “one piece flow” work cell, which will almost double the velocity of parts moving through those operations.

Our Continuous Improvement team will continue to identify opportunities for further development. These analysts will also spend time training others in the company to recognize areas that need improvement and address processes on their own. Stay tuned for future updates on our lean improvements!

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