Road Trip 2017: LaForce Projects Across the Country

Road Trip 2017, Stop 8: Stoughton Hospital in Wisconsin

LaForce handles construction projects across the country!
In this special series, we’re exploring 12 such projects.

Stoughton Hospital in Stoughton, WI needed to expand its Emergency Department, but the addition had to complement existing hardware and keying standards, enhance security, and meet usage requirements. LaForce partnered with architect Kahler Slater and contractor JP Cullen to write hardware specifications, expand and install an access control system, and supply new doors, frames, and hardware.

The finished project is a state-of-the-art Emergency Department. The building now boasts a new ambulance bay, additional patient privacy in all patient rooms, and expanded registration space.

Due to LaForce’s unique capabilities, our involvement ran from beginning to end, through all phases of the project. We are proud to contribute to this beautiful, finished building, which positively impacts the Stoughton community! For information and pictures on more LaForce projects, visit this link or follow us on LinkedIn.

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