Earth Day Series: Part 2 – Encouraging Employees to Personally Recycle

Earth Day (April 22, 2017) is a day to raise awareness about environmental protection. Here at LaForce, one of our core values is “Community Responsibility”, which can apply to our efforts to reduce waste and contribute to sustainable construction practices. Read on to learn more about our commitment to sustainability through employee services in Green Bay.

Document Shredding

Thanks to our partners at Nicolet National Bank, we provided on-site document shredding at no charge to our employees. This week at LaForce, employees brought documents to be professionally shredded and securely recycled. According to event organizers, many employees found this to be a very convenient way to dispose of unneeded documents. We had a high level of participation, and our 15 bins are nearly full!

Shredfest at LaForce

Electronics Recycling

Every year, we provide space for employees to drop off used electronics. New Starr Solutions recycles these items for LaForce team members for little to no charge. Event organizers are satisfied with this year’s participation, since it’s so important to safely recycle these types of items! Deb Coenen (IT Systems Administrator) said: “Knowing that each year I have the opportunity to take my outdated or broken electronics right to work for disposal is a relief. It’s perfect timing to start my spring cleaning process. No more searching for a place and creating an extra stop eliminates the frustration of dealing with old unwanted devices. ”

Electronics Recycling at LaForce

Earth Day at LaForce - encouraging employees to recycle


In case you missed it: In Part 1 of our Earth Day series, we covered eco-friendly business practices at LaForce. Check it out!

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