Road Trip 2017: LaForce Projects Across the Country

Road Trip 2017, Stop 6: Diner / Car Gallery in Texas

LaForce handles construction projects across the country!
In this special series, we’re exploring 12 such projects.

Did you know we’re versatile enough to handle very small, customized jobs? We recently provided a personalized door and frame for a 1950’s-themed diner situated inside an automobile gallery of collector’s cars.

The owner of a new warehouse-turned-diner in Texas wanted to showcase his private car collection and diner to honor his late mother, using the original signs and memorabilia from the diner she had owned. Mike Jennings of Canyon Springs Studio designed the space. However, he needed a full glass, stainless steel door and frame to complete the 1950’s look.

That’s where LaForce entered the picture. Tracy Hayes, a Building Products Consultant from LaForce’s Austin office, worked with Brandon Vong, an analyst with LaForce’s hollow metal team, to provide the unique application. Brandon and Tracy worked to specify, fabricate, and ship a beautifully crafted, stainless steel door and frame to Texas. The stainless steel products feature a “brushed” look to complement the diner’s aesthetic. Finally, LaForce’s Austin Pre-Installation team installed the door’s hardware prior to delivering it to the final location, to save the customer the time and hassle of a full jobsite installation.

The final outcome perfectly finishes the one-of-a-kind structure! Check out these photos of the diner and car gallery. More information about LaForce’s products and services can be found on our website.

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