Road Trip 2017: LaForce Projects Across the Country

Road Trip 2017, Stop 5: DMC Children’s Hospital in Michigan

LaForce handles construction projects across the country!
In this special series, we’re exploring 12 such projects.

DMC Childrens Hospital Interior DMC Childrens Hospital Exterior

Bright colors, cheerful artwork, and child-friendly architectural flow distinguish the Detroit Medical Center’s new Children’s Hospital in Troy, MI. LaForce supplied doors, frames, hardware, and security products for the new facility. We worked with Brinker Team Construction to fulfill the building’s specifications, including electrified hardware and unusual opening requirements.

LaForce provided extensive expertise when it came to the hospital’s electrified openings. The owner and contractor knew what kind of functionality the doors needed, but depended on LaForce to put together an exact description of door operations and wiring diagrams. In addition, the hospital needed lead-lined, access controlled doors between the pre-operation and operation rooms. LaForce provided the doors and hardware necessary to fulfill this unique request. Finally, our Security Integration team provided technical support during the final product installation.

A full slideshow of pictures can be found at this link.

Keep an eye on LaForce’s projects in this 12-week series! More information on our company and services can be found on our website.

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