Road Trip 2017: LaForce Projects Across the Country

Road Trip 2017, Stop 4: Tempe Preparatory Academy in Arizona

LaForce handles construction projects across the country!
In this special series, we’re exploring 12 such projects.

LaForce at Tempe Preparatory Academy before and after

Tempe Preparatory Academy in Tempe, AZ is a public charter school that provides a liberal arts education to junior high and high school students. The academy’s staff asked Bill Clements, LaForce’s Building Product Consultant in Phoenix, to replace one of its building entrances that leads into the school’s performing arts center.

As evidenced by the “Before” picture, the school faced several problems with its existing entrance, in both security and functionality.


The stained glass windows were beautiful, but risked a break-in. The school needed the windows replaced with metal panels to best protect students and property. The stained glass will be re-purposed elsewhere in the building.


The handles were simply wooden broomsticks that the school occasionally replaced. To update the hardware, LaForce supplied new locks, panic devices, door closures, and weatherstripping. In addition, the school required an entrance that could be widened for moving large items in and out. LaForce provided a removeable mullion (center post) that can be unlocked and removed as needed.


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