Airport Facility Construction: Special Considerations

LaForce has assisted with many airport construction projects. We are very familiar with the special considerations that must be taken in regards to building an airport facility – particularly when it comes to security components. Take a look at some recent examples!

LaForce Inc Airport Facility Construction Special Security ConsiderationsSan Antonio International Airport: San Antonio, TX

The San Antonio International Airport is currently building a Consolidated Rental Car Facility (ConRAC) to contain rental car offices and counters, parking, and offices. Lucas Meneghini, LaForce’s Austin Office Manager, is working with Turner Construction on this project. LaForce is supplying doors, frames, and hardware for over 240 openings in the ConRAC building . In addition, most of the doors will be supplied with pre-installed hardware.

Airport facilities are unique because they require additional security restrictions (background checks, badges, etc.) on all on-site construction personnel (project managers, workers, etc.). To alleviate the hassle of these restrictions, LaForce can supply doors with pre-installed hardware – meaning the hinges, door closers, exit devices, locks, electrified hardware, and flat goods are installed onto the doors prior to shipping to the jobsite. Pre-installation can save the customer time and money – for example, materials can be delivered “just in time” versus creating a need for jobsite storage. We can also recycle packaging at our shop, which saves jobsite waste. A video about LaForce’s pre-installation services can be found here.

Sky Harbor Airport: Phoenix, AZ

Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ is currently undergoing several phases of terminal modernizations, with a goal to improve passenger experience. Hugo Salvateirra from LaForce’s Phoenix Office sales team is working closely with the City of Phoenix and Hunt/Austin Joint Venture to provide products for this project, including doors, frames, and hardware.

In addition, the airport requires double authentication for some personnel to gain access through some doors, to protect against threats. This means that some entrances require personnel to present credentials via both an access card and a pin number. When LaForce’s installation staff installs the electrified hardware, they will work closely with the city’s security team to troubleshoot and ensure proper functionality. A video covering the project can be found here.

LaCrosse Regional Airport: LaCrosse, WI

The LaCrosse Regional Airport is finishing a terminal rehabilitation project with Immel Construction that completely revamps building functionality and layout. Casey Williamson, the Security Integration Project Manager from LaForce’s Madison Office, worked with LaForce Project Manager Matt Gunn to provide intelligent access control hardware for the airport. These locks integrate with the airport’s credentialing system and offer enhanced security through encryption and mutual authentication.


More information about LaForce’s recent projects can be found in our new blog series.

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