Road Trip 2017: LaForce Projects Across the Country

Road Trip 2017, Stop 2: Loyola Academy in Illinois

LaForce handles construction projects across the country!
In this special series, we’re exploring 12 such projects.

Loyola Academy, a private Jesuit College in Wilmette, IL, needed to replace a very old and distinct opening. The school required an energy-efficient, modern door – but also did not wish to lose the traditional “look” of the historical building. In addition, replacement conditions were not ideal, since the wall had several layers.

To solve the academy’s dilemma, LaForce sent personnel to the school to design the frame and components to fit over the layered wall. Next, LaForce worked with Special-Lite to supply an AMP Wood Grain Fiberglass door with customized lites. This door style provides the appearance of wood without the maintenance issues.

Our sales team at LaForce in Chicago, IL looks forward to more door replacements for Loyola Academy later this year!

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