Working with BIM to Complete Your Project and Manage Your Building

laforce-inc-working-with-bim-to-complete-your-project-and-manage-your-buildingBuilding Information Modelling (BIM) refers to software that architects, contractors, and building owners use to generate and manage digital representations of a building’s physical and functional characteristics. As a collaborative space, BIM is useful for sharing information and making decisions about a construction project. BIM assists with project accuracy, data collection, and information storage. It helps avoid redundancies and lost time due to information searching.

An added bonus to BIM is its ability to span the entire lifetime of a facility: design, construction, and remodels. As a buildings ages, its BIMs can be referenced and updated with new components and expansions.

As an electronic tool, these software programs are constantly evolving and growing. Recently, the National Institute of Building Sciences released a complete BIM guide for building owners. As the proven business value of BIM utilization increases, it is important for owners and facility managers to understand the advantages of such a software. Dodge Research and Analytics also released a report outlining the benefits of BIM in project and facility management.

At LaForce, our team of Architectural Services experts write specifications for building projects on behalf of architects and owners. We also answer questions and serve as a resource for code and specification-related questions. We can communicate door schedules and specification details with BIM software such as Revit, which is a program used by many of our architect partners. As usage of these programs grow, we expect to receive more requests in the future – especially for healthcare projects. If we get a request to work with a project’s BIM, we can accommodate it!

You can find more information about our Architectural Services team’s capabilities in this flyer and this link. An example of a project that relied heavily on this team is the Wgetthta Building Renovation in Milwaukee.

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