Cloud-Based Mobile Access Control Solutions

Construction technology in the 21st century is advancing at a breakneck pace! We are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest developments in door opening security – a vital feature to any modern building. This commitment includes strong relationships with trusted product partners, on-going training of internal staff, and rigorous product testing prior to providing any new security system to a customer.

Consistent with this promise, we can help you protect your facility with cloud-based infrastructure. This access control system features a number of user-friendly capabilities:

  • Access to software from any location, at any time, via any Internet browser
  • Built-in security reports and audit capabilities
  • Integrated with mobile devices for on-the-go control
  • Data redundancy with automated back-ups

This system is well-suited for large, spread-out facilities and multi-family housing, though it is scalable for organizations of any size and scope. Enterprises using this system will experience straightforward, user-friendly operation. Data is stored consistently and software is upgraded efficiently, granting peace of mind.

For more information about this cloud-based system, contact our Security Integration team, or click below for a PDF flyer!

LaForce Inc Cloud Based Mobile Access Control Solutions

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