Wood Doors in Exterior Applications

We have supplied and installed many beautiful wood doors over the years! LaForce is one of the largest suppliers of interior wood doors in the nation, and can provide products from all major manufacturers. Exterior wood doors are less common, due to cost and maintenance requirements, but LaForce can also supply these products. Let’s review a couple key concepts regarding exterior wood door applications.

LaForce Inc supplied these beautiful hollow metal exterior doors with a wood-like finish.
LaForce Inc supplied these beautiful hollow metal exterior doors with a wood-like finish.


Most manufacturers in the wood door industry do not warranty exterior wood doors. In some cases, a manufacturer will include only a one year warranty for an exterior wood door.  For this reason, LaForce will typically recommend wood door placement only in building interiors.


Churches and historical buildings often feature gorgeous exterior wood doors. These doors are often customized and require a continuous re-finishing schedule.


In some cases, LaForce will recommend a hollow metal door with a finish or cover that has the “look” of wood. This finish is available for an added cost, but can be less costly than an authentic wood door. Above is an example of a hollow metal exterior door that LaForce supplied with a wood-like finish – it has the aesthetic appeal of wood, without the added maintenance costs. Below is a picture of a church door that LaForce supplied. The finished product is actually a hollow metal set of doors with a wood-grained finish!

Contact a Laforce sales representative for a quote or questions! LaForce can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

This blog was originally published on 09/20/2013 and was updated on 12/01/2016. 

LaForce Inc Wood Church Door
LaForce Inc supplied these hollow metal church doors with a wood-grained finish.


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