Fresh Addition to Our AIA Course Offerings: Basic Keying of Architectural Hardware

LaForce Architectural Services
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The Architectural Services division at LaForce now offers the following class: AIA-CES-4017, “Basic Keying of Architectural Hardware.” A LaForce Architectural Consultant leads this 1 HSW credit class for architects, typically in a 1-hour lunch setting.

This topic is especially useful for those in charge of submittal review and keying meetings.

The course explores proper Master Keying terminology and standard key coding symbols. The consultant will also explain the disadvantages of cross-keying. By the end of the course, participants will be able to design a simple Master Key System. The participants will also be better prepared for the specifics discussed during keying meetings.

During a LaForce-lead AIA class, consultants take the time to answer questions. They will also stay after the class is completed to address concerns related to the course topic and doors/frames/hardware in general. While the primary purpose of the AIA course is education, consultants can also answer questions related to LaForce’s products and services – in particular, our architectural consulting services and security integration capabilities. As a distributor, LaForce offers many products and brands, so we can help customers find the best fit for their respective projects. To book a lunchtime learning session with a LaForce professional, please call 1.800.236.88.

Click here for additional architectural resources, and check out this link for more information about our keying expertise. 

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