Restroom Reform: BABIES Act of 2016

Restroom Reform: BABIES Act of 2016 LaForce IncThe president recently passed the Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation (BABIES) Act to require baby changing stations in publicly accessible federal buildings. The law calls for equal access to changing facilities for both male and female caregivers. This law makes it easier for parents to find a clean, sanitary surface to care for their children.

While this law does not apply beyond federal buildings (post offices, courthouses, Social Security offices, etc.), many businesses and organizations with common restroom facilities are already aware of the need for accessible baby changing stations for customers and users. These products provide good service and demonstrate a commitment to family-friendly practices.

LaForce supplies baby changing stations such as those provided by Koala Kare, Brocar, American Specialties (ASI), Bradley, and Rubbermaid. We supply all styles and types, including plastic or stainless steel, wall-mounted or recessed, and horizontal or vertical.

There are many benefits to obtaining this product from a LaForce representative, including readily available, in-stock options as well as in-depth knowledge and experience with construction requirements and installation instructions. In most cases, we provide these bathroom accessories as part of a larger construction project.

More educational resources regarding restroom accessories can be found here. If you found this information useful, please share on social media!

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