Help! I Need a Giant Door

Sometimes our customers present us with difficult door opening problems, but we are always up for a challenge! Recently, we worked with Bachmann Construction and Colony Brands in Monroe, WI to complete these customized doors. Ron Blank, a Contract Sales representative for LaForce in Madison, provided this solution.

Colony required multiple openings in the company’s new studio addition. These openings needed to accommodate both people and large materials. LaForce supplied hollow metal doors and frames that feature standard height doors plus additional inactive leafs above it, to allow for the passage of large items. Check it out!

A LaForce Solution

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2 thoughts on “Help! I Need a Giant Door

  1. Clever as far as special operation for the passage of large items is concerned. What if the door has to be a fire rated door, usual situation for storage or E-M areas?

    1. Although Dutch doors can be provided as fire rated (this application is similar to a Dutch door), the maximum nominal opening height is around 8-0. (Some manufacturers can go a foot or two higher and some can only go as high as 7-0. The exact height will depend on the manufacturer, the door construction, and what that manufacturer has had tested.) That said, we are unaware of anyone who has fire tested an oversized application similar to what was showcased in this blog.

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