Is Your Healthcare Facility Safe and Secure?

CASE STUDY: LaForce helped a Wisconsin hospital take control of its security needs.

Security is integral to the safe, successful operation of any healthcare facility. With access to a wide range of products and our own in-house staff of expert technicians, LaForce is a superior resource for all facility security needs. Here is an example of how we helped one local hospital improve their security system.

Initially, the hospital asked LaForce’s security integration team to replace a small, out-of-date access control system, consisting of only a few doors. But as we collaborated with facility staff on the extent of their actual security needs, the project grew to encompass quite a bit more.

We added approximately 70 openings, including interior and exterior doors, on three different buildings. The new access system also includes stairwells and elevator access, which limits users to only the floors they are authorized to visit. We also installed a network of IP cameras monitoring the interior and exterior of the buildings.

In addition, we installed an emergency lockdown of all exterior doors. With the press of a button, all “scheduled open doors” will lock on command and suspend card access use, except for a few top level cards held by security staff.

We greatly simplified training and support for the hospital, with the addition of LaForce’s online support program. With this set-up, our LaForce Security Technician can remotely log onto the healthcare facility’s PC and walk staff through the creation of schedules, card user access, group access, and more. This program also allows our staff to update, program, and troubleshoot equipment, which greatly reduces customer costs that would have been required with on-site visits.

The operation and continued growth of this system has been seamless and successful. We look forward to helping more healthcare facilities with their security needs!

For more information, please contact the LaForce Security Team at 1.855.231.5511 or

Download this case study as a PDF:

LaForce Inc Security in Healthcare Case Stuy


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