Learn About LaForce: Customized Pre-Finishing

Customized Door and Frame Pre-Finishing

This is an 8-week series that profiles each of LaForce’s eight areas of products and services.

Over the past two months, we’ve summarized the breadth and depth of LaForce’s products and services. This week, we wrap up with one of our newest and most innovative offerings: Customized Hollow Metal Door and Frame Pre-Finishing.

In most construction projects, doors and frames are painted on-site, and a painting contractor is often hired to do the work. But more and more general contractors and building owners are taking advantage of LaForce’s pre-finishing expertise, to save time and money.

What is Pre-Finishing? Pre-finishing is when doors and frames are painted in a controlled environment prior to shipping to the jobsite, which is advantageous from both quality and efficiency standpoints. The paint is high-quality and industrial-grade, preventing rust and corrosion over time, and the controlled environment results in fewer flaws. The ability to customize also allows customers to match their new doors and frames to the colors of other openings in their building. We can even provide two-tone hollow metal doors and frames, meaning differing interior and exterior colors.

Recently, we expanded our shop area to accommodate the increasing demand for pre-finishing services. We expect that this area of our business will continue to grow as construction professionals seek ways to increase quality and save time. Let us be your “one-stop shop”!

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