Your Top Ten Best Interview Tips and Tricks

Your Top Ten Best Interview Tips and Tricks LaForce Inc

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or find a new one, these are perfect for job candidates in any field. <Tweet This>

Two of LaForce’s HR professionals – Amanda Cornelissen and Danielle Dale – took the time to compile these helpful Q&A’s!

How to handle tough interview questionsQ1: What interview question most often trips up a candidate and how would you like to see them handle this question?

A1: One question that often seems to trip up candidates is “What are you looking for in a company that would ultimately make you want to stay long term?” Many times it is evident that this is something candidates have not thought about. We recommend that candidates know what they are looking for in a company before the interview (e.g. culture, management style, size of company, etc.). We want the company to be a good fit for the candidate so they are set up in an environment where they can be successful.

How to nail your phone interviewQ2: How can a candidate nail the phone interview?

A2: It’s important that applicants can clearly describe their past work experiences and their motivation behind their career/job changes. It’s also nice if applicants have researched the company or have at least looked at the website and have read through the job description.

How to prepare for your interviewQ3: What are three tips for an applicant who wants to prepare for a job interview?

A3: 1) Prepare answers to basic interview questions regarding what you are looking for in your next position/company, goals, strengths/areas of improvement, etc. 2) Research the company ahead of time. Check out the website to have a better understanding of what they do, including products and services. 3) Look at the job description and prepare questions to ask.

How to justify having very little work experienceQ4: How do you evaluate a candidate who has very little work experience?

A4: There are several areas we look at when a candidate doesn’t have a lot of work experience including extracurriculars, college/schooling and other achievements. Candidates can make themselves stand out by writing a thoughtful cover letter detailing their motivation behind wanting a career with the company, and how past experience with extracurricular activities, or other achievements will help make them successful. <Tweet This Tip>

Develping your soft skills for a jobQ5: What “soft skills” are you looking for in an applicant, and why?

A5: The ability to communicate well is something we look for throughout the hiring process. This doesn’t mean that the candidate has to be a brilliant writer, but rather someone who can answer questions clearly and get their point across. Next, we look for applicants with time management skills. Many positions require employees to meet deadlines and prioritize work. Lastly, we are looking for candidates who show commitment and want to work hard, which can be proven if they are enthusiastic about the position.

What are the qualities of a successful salespersonQ6: What qualities do you look for in a successful sales employee?

A6: To be successful as a sales employee, we look for those individuals who can communicate professionally with others. Sales employees are often working outside the company with customers and we want the employee to be able to clearly communicate what our products and services are. Next, we look for individuals with drive or motivation to be successful. A third quality we look for is the ability to work as part of a team. We look for employees who can work with others to achieve a common goal for the business.

What are the most and least important resume itemsQ7: What is most important – and least important – for you to see on a resume?

A7: It is really important that resumes are easy to read. We want to be able to clearly understand work history and responsibilities. Resumes with condensed wording, clear job titles, and clear dates of employment are best. It’s also nice to see achievements that would make a candidate stand out (e.g. leadership experience, certifications, and education). It’s least important for us to see references.

How to prepare questions for a job interviewQ8: What questions can a candidate ask that impresses a hiring manager during a job interview?

A8: Hiring managers are usually impressed when a candidate has done research on the company or has additional questions about the position. Candidates can also ask about their ability to grow within the position, and the future growth of the company. It is not necessary to ask a lot of questions or make them up just to have them, but having a few questions prepared shows the interviewer that you are truly interested in the position.

Job and interview tips for college seniorsQ9: What tips do you have for a college senior who is about to apply for jobs?

A9: Our advice to college seniors is to start looking for positions early. Network with people you know in the community or who have graduated before you because these connections may know of open positions within companies that are not yet posted. We also recommend being open-minded when looking for businesses with open positions. Smaller businesses that are expanding often have many opportunities for career growth. Lastly, many times you won’t get your dream job right out of college. Many entry level positions can lead to a wealth of opportunities in the future.

How to dress to impress for a job interviewQ10: How does a job applicants’ attire play into their success in a job interview?

A10: It is important that applicants are dressed professionally for interviews. It shows us that you care and are really interested in the position. The rule of thumb we use is to be dressed one step above the attire that is normal at the place of employment.


We work hard to find qualified, personable individuals to build our growing team. If you’d like more information about LaForce’s open positions, visit our Careers homepage.

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