Learn About LaForce: Fire Door Inspections

LaForce, Inc Fire Door Inspections

This is an 8-week series that profiles each of LaForce’s eight areas of products and services.

One of the biggest responsibilities of commercial building owners and managers is keeping occupants safe. To be proactive and stay on top of any issues, a fire door, smoke door, and/or egress inspection is encouraged on an annual basis. In some cases, this is even required by law!

LaForce provides fire door inspection services for both new construction and existing buildings. Our inspectors are certified, knowledgeable, and helpful – they make safety their top priority. Hear from one of these inspectors in this special guest post: Fire Door Inspections: Frequently Asked Questions. To see our staff in action, check out this short, educational video that walks through the steps for a fire door inspection!

To schedule a free consultation or ask further questions, call (800) 236-8858. Next Monday, the “Learn About LaForce” series will educate readers about our seventh area of expertise: Pre-Installation and Installation Services.

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