Learn About LaForce: Architectural Services

LaForce, Inc Architectural Services

This is an 8-week series that profiles each of LaForce’s eight areas of products and services.

LaForce enjoys established relationships with architects around the country, so it makes sense that we also dedicate staff to a specialized Architectural Services division. We offer specification writing, AIA Continuing Education classes, and consultation services. Architects can rely on LaForce for expert technical advice and in-depth knowledge of Division 8 (doors, frames, and hardware) and Division 10 (building specialties) sections, as well as security integration.

As demand for these services has increased, LaForce has added additional staff to this division. Today, we offer Architectural Services expertise for every LaForce location! A case study and customer testimonial regarding our results can be found at this link. We have experience with all types and sizes of commercial construction, including healthcare, education, luxury residential, corporate, and industrial.

To speak to one of our specification consultants, call (800) 236-8858 or email here.

Next Monday, the “Learn About LaForce” series will educate readers about our sixth area of expertise: Fire Door Inspections. Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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