Learn About LaForce: Building Specialties

LaForce Inc Building Specialties

This is an 8-week series that profiles each of LaForce’s eight areas of products and services.

Did you know? The LaForce product line extends beyond just the door opening. We also supply building specialties, which include toilet partitions, lockers, bath accessories (such as hand dryers, soap dispensers, and baby changing stations), access panels, projection screens, mailboxes, marker boards, and much more.

All of these products fall under the architectural category “Division 10.” We also employ a skilled team of experts who can consult with facility personnel on the right products to fit their needs. For example, did you know that there is a wide variety of toilet partition materials, and each serve a specific purpose?

If you’d like to contact one of these product experts, find contact information here, with products listed here and here. Next Monday, our blog series continues with our fifth area of expertise: Architectural Services. Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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