Learn About LaForce: Hardware and Keying

Learn About LaForce: Hardware and Keying

This is an 8-week series that profiles each of LaForce’s eight areas of products and services.

Last week, we provided a broad overview of Doors & Frames. But what is the use of a door without hardware components? Not to mention, secure entrances hinge on the ability to lock!

That’s why it is only a natural that LaForce also supplies door opening hardware and keying services. We work with all major manufacturers to provide functional, reliable hardware, including: hinges, locksets, latches, auxiliary door hardware, exit devices, electrified hardware, and door closers — see this link for terminology definitions.

But LaForce goes several steps further, demonstrating attuned customer service. In many cases, contractors and building owners prefer to have LaForce’s pre-installation team install hardware and electronic components to the doors prior to delivering to the jobsite. This streamlines the construction process and provides a hassle-free jobsite installation. In addition, LaForce has the ability to provide security integration services, which ensures a consistent experience from physical components to electrified entrance technology.

As for keying, we have a highly skilled and experienced team of specialists ready to design a functional keying system per owner requirements. Read our “Problem / Solution” keying blog for more details!

Visit our website to view all hardware and keying products that LaForce offers, and contact a LaForce representative with any questions or needs. Next week, “Learn About LaForce” will educate readers about the third business area: Security Integration. Don’t miss it!

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