Celebrating “Safety Days”

Inspired by the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month, LaForce’s Safety Committee organized the company’s first annual “Safety Days” celebration, June 13-17. The group aimed to engage their colleagues, raise awareness about various safety topics, and have some fun along the way. The week’s events enjoyed high engagement numbers and positive feedback from those involved.

Monday, June 13

LaForce Inc Safety Days: I Pledge Not To Text And DriveTo kick off the week, employees took a short safety awareness quiz that covered topics such as OSHA, fire classifications, and safety accountability, with the chance to win a prize for participation.

Did you know that cell phones are one of the leading causes of car crashes caused by distracted drivers? To combat this frightening trend, LaForce asked its employees to take the “No Texting Pledge” to combat driving and texting. This activity carried throughout the week, with employees posting their pledges on doors and cubicles.

Tuesday, June 14

Food and teamwork combined in a lunch hour “PB&J Challenge”, which asked small groups to deal with simulated, preventable injuries as they made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Employees in several offices across the company a participated in this activity.

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Wednesday, June 15

LaForce team members completed Safety Word Searches that featured common safety-related terms, such as prevention, training, accident, and health. Participants also had a chance to win a prize.

Thursday, June 16

Sixteen Green Bay employees attended a car seat installation and safety demonstration, lead by Lt. Cody Johnson of the Green Bay Fire Department. Whether they had kids or just transported kids on a regular basis, everyone learned something from the presentation.

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Friday, June 17

Wrapping up the week, LaForce’s safety committee is already making plans for next year’s “Safety Days.”

If you’d like to learn more about LaForce’s commitment to safety, check out these articles:

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