Building Safety Month: Flammable Storage

In honor of Building Safety Month, let’s zoom into the bustling hum of activity in the Green Bay shop and take a look at how LaForce keeps team members and assets safe with flammable storage.

LaForce’s custom frame manufacturing process requires the use of flammable materials such as paint and solvents. To safely contain these substances, workers have a number of devices and tools:

  • A 506 square foot explosion proof room featuring concrete walls, explosion proof lighting, explosion proof heating, and fire door is used to store flammable materials such as paint, hydraulic oil, and flammable solvents. LaForce places a great deal of emphasis on making sure all metal containers are properly stored and earth-grounded in this room to prevent any risk of sparks.
  • Additional flammable storage cabinets can be found throughout remote areas of the Green Bay shop, as well as the shops in our other locations, for such things as aerosol paint cans and flammable cleaning solvents.  These cabinets all feature three-point latching for added safety and containment.
  • For operators’ convenience, a number of flammable waste cans are located at each machine for the disposal of oily rags.

Almost two years ago, a summer fire in a Green Bay high school gym caused $7.5 million in damages and delayed the start of classes.  Fortunately, no one was injured in the disaster. The fire was caused by the spontaneous combustion of improperly stored, chemical-laden rags.  That’s why it’s important for facilities to utilize flammable storage!

How does your company or manufacturing facility keep workers safe? Let us know in the comments or on social media! And for more information about the safety focus at LaForce, reference our previous blog.

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