Keeping Your Building Safe

LaForce’s Security Integration Team Answers the Question:
“What’s New?”

Rob Russell and the rest of the Security Integration Team at LaForce recently traveled to Las Vegas, NV for the 2016 International Security Conference and Exposition (ISC West). This convention provided an opportunity to learn about new technology and interact with industry partners. Matt Zimmerman, one of LaForce’s Project Managers in the security area, also participated in a panel discussion titled “Access Control Trends in the Education Sector.” He contributed valuable information to the discussion forum, including how educational institutions can grant emergency responders access to buildings during a campus-wide lock down. This is of the challenges LaForce has been able to address. Electronic Access Control lock downs are very effective but it is critical that emergency responders have access to help eliminate the threat.

Read on for a few key takeaways from the conference!

Bluetooth Technology on the Rise

This technology has been in use for awhile, but this year will see Bluetooth further integrated into buildings’ security systems. A smartphone can already double as a credit card – why not as an access card, too?

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Solutions

More and more facility managers are seeking one interface that allows them to access many systems at once. For example, a college campus may want to access a mass communication function, an alarm system, and a video surveillance feed from one location. This business automation trend will continue to grow in the coming years.

“Internet of Things” (IoT) is Commonplace

This phrase describes objects that are embedded with electronics and software, which allow them to collect and share data. The entire ISC West is focused on this sector, which will only continue to grow and gain more influence over everyday security experiences. For example, intelligent locking hardware capable of monitoring the opening status and report back to a head end system is an example of IoT. More and more building automation is making use of IoT devices in an effort to notify and improve response times.

Quality Control Always a Priority

To meet the constant demands for accuracy and quality, LaForce has on-site Security Evaluation Labs where security team members evaluate new equipment and products. We do not want to supply any products that we cannot confidently support; therefore, these labs have space for staging, testing, and training.

If your building needs a security evaluation, contact your LaForce representative for assistance.

LaForce has on-site Security Evaluation Labs where security team members evaluate new equipment and products.
LaForce has on-site Security Evaluation Labs where security team members evaluate new equipment and products.

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