Here’s What You Missed in 2015

Last week, we highlighted the areas in which LaForce made great strides in 2015. This week, let’s take a look at the major industry developments over the past 12 months. The door and hardware industry is constantly changing, and we want to keep you up-to-date on what is relevant!

1. School Barricade Devices

School shootings and other acts of facility violence are becoming a sad reality across the country. One increasingly popular defense strategy is to enable classroom doors that can lock from the inside, using various barricade devices. But as we discussed in the November 23 blog, not all devices are created equal: “Unfortunately, solving one problem may inadvertently create others, as most of these devices prevent access by emergency responders, and do not comply with current model code requirements for free egress, fire protection, or accessibility, or with the classroom security guidelines published by the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM).” 

Further, some states are proposing code changes to grant legality to these questionable devices: “The reasoning behind proposed changes is often based on the misconception that barricading the door is the only way to protect students and teachers in the classroom.”

There are alternatives to these problematic devices, however. One example of a safe and effective product that would bolster classroom security is the Schlage CO 220 lock, which LaForce can provide.

Companies like LaForce need to keep an eye on these new developments, and continue to advise customers against purchasing unsafe classroom barricade devices. See Lori Greene’s blog for more information.

2. Security Integration

In 2015, technology continued to advance in several areas, such as lockdown capabilities and CCTV monitoring. Companies have the ability to remotely view their access control and video surveillance systems from smartphones and tablets. LaForce can help set up such a system.

3. Barn Doors and Sliders in Commercial Spaces

Architects are using more barn doors and sliders in place of traditional doors. These types of doors require more wall space to operate, but can have several advantages. According to representatives at Performa, Inc., these doors are used in several situations:

  • Pure aesthetics, since they look different and accent the space.
  • As a dry erase surface, when there are multiple doors in a collaborative lounge space.
  • When it would be inconvenient to have a door swing into a corridor.
  • Serving as a movable wall system, to hide private spaces or storage areas.

LaForce can help with this unique design feature by providing the appropriate doors, frames, and hardware.

Hager’s new 9400 Barn Door SDH. Read more:
Hager’s new 9400 Barn Door SDH. Read more:

4. Ligature Resistant Hardware

Hospitals, mental health facilities, and detention centers, among other organizations, are becoming more aware of the need for ligature resistant (or “anti-ligature”) devices on doors and frames. While the terminology may vary, ligature resistant is essentially hardware that has minimal attachment points, which prevents individuals from engaging in self-harm.

In 2015, New York State’s Office of Mental Health compiled a comprehensive guide to patient safety that specifically addresses this type of hardware. More information can be found at this link.

Here are some related products that LaForce can provide:

Other products available in ligature resistant designs include: full mortise hinges, continuous geared hinges, deadbolts, door closers, weatherstrip, and coat hooks. Contact a LaForce representative for more information.

Coming up next week: LaForce’s 2016 Goals. Follow us on LinkedIN and Google+ for more industry news and updates!

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