Safety First at LaForce

“Continuous improvement because we’re driven to be the best” is one of our core values

We execute this tenet in many ways, including:

  • Constantly updating product and service offerings for our customers
  • Implementing internal computer upgrades to streamline employee efficiency
  • Expanding our focus on maintaining a safe work environment
A Green Bay Installer begins taking out a portion of a frame so the new clamshell frame can be installed.
A Green Bay Installer begins taking out a portion of a frame so the new clamshell frame can be installed. He takes into consideration all safety precautions prior to tackling a customer’s project.

Safety is a primary concern for LaForce, especially since we have employees working in a variety of environments – the manufacturing facility, jobsites, office cubicles, shipping/receiving, and driving. So, beginning on January 1, LaForce employees will have an opportunity to contribute to the company’s focus on safety under a brand-new Safety Incentive Program.

Danielle Sorensen, the on-site Safety Coordinator, has put together this incentive program to encourage employees to submit ideas for safety improvements. Not only will employees propose the ideas, they will assist Danielle with the development and implementation. This component of ownership will empower our people to take responsibility for their workplace. In the process, they will earn recognition from their manager and co-workers. Prizes will also be awarded on a quarterly basis, to employees who submit and complete an initiative.

Thank you in advance to all employees for your innovations and participation! We know that this safety initiative will improve not only our day-to-day workplace, but our performance for our customers, as well.

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