Before & After: Clamshell Door Frame

LaForce takes time to understand customers’ distinctive requests

The scene is remote, and the installation hazardous. But LaForce responds to even the most extreme door product and installation needs, such as this special clamshell door frame replacement.

On the fifth floor of a parking garage, sandwiched between a half wall that plunges down five stories and a steep stairwell, is the latest “Before and After” photo montage.

LaForce staff knew that it was going to be a challenging venture. The existing door was situated in a dangerous position that made installation thorny. To combat these conditions, personnel decided to market the customer a unique offering: A Clamshell Door Frame.

Basically, the clamshell frame wraps around the existing frame and is welded and/or screwed into place. It has several advantages, such as being a quicker and safer installation, causing minimum disruption for the customer, and limiting the potential of damaging the structure or interior finishes. This frame could be used in place of a knockdown, 3-piece frame, otherwise known as a KD frame. LaForce has used clamshell frames not only to wrap rusted and damaged exterior hollow frames, we have also wrapped existing wood frames and have also supplied “clamshell borrowed lite” (4-sided) frames for remodels.  These frames can be fire-rated in certain situations, but please check with your LaForce representative before assuming this solution will work for you.

LaForce installers Jason S. and Chris S. attached this clamshell frame and completed the finishing touches all in one chilly November morning’s work. Our professional installers can handle the special circumstances that each opening warrants – even down to the tiniest detail, such as locating an outlet for their power tools and navigating a precipitous location.

These men and the rest of the Installation Team are ready to respond to any job, big or small! For more information on this service and other product offerings, please visit the LaForce website.

Clamshell Before and After

Clamshell door_Page_1 Clamshell door_Page_2 Clamshell door_Page_3 Clamshell door_Page_4 Clamshell door_Page_5

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