LaForce Employees Take a Moment to Share Thanks

A Cornucopia of Blessings

“I am thankful for our Security Integration Division, especially for the support they give me on the product knowledge, troubleshooting and integration of all types of security systems.” Manny Lopez, Willowbrook Contract Sales

“I am thankful for my co-workers because they are always there for me and make me laugh every day.” Heather Loock, Green Bay Installation

“I am thankful for all the architects that choose LaForce to write their hardware specifications because of the opportunities it provides LaForce and the specification department.” Randy Pavlik, Green Bay Architectural Services

“I am thankful for my mentors Tom F. and Joe B. because they provide me guidance and advice on how to handle difficult situations, and more importantly they help to ensure customer satisfaction in the Austin market. This is crucial to developing and maintaining the lasting relationships that we need to grow as a company. I am thankful for John G. and Lucas M. because not only are they are both “swell fellas” but also because they provided me an opportunity to help build our Aftermarket Division in a brand new market, which is very exciting to me. I am also thankful for the culture and work life balance we enjoy at LaForce because it feels amazing to work for a company that is always giving back to the local community, encourages healthy choices for both physical and financial well-being, and understands the importance of family life in making well rounded happy employees.” Tim Spoores, Austin Building Products Consultant

“I am thankful for the variety of events that go on at LaForce (Wellness events like “Punt, Pass & Kick” and the bean bags tournament, plus the company picnic, golf outing, and bowling party), because they are fun and provide a great way to mix with employees you might not interact with on a daily basis.” David Blom, Green Bay Purchasing

“I am thankful for the HR Team here at LaForce because they are always willing to put aside what they are doing to help me out whenever needed. There are a lot of situations that arise each day such as dealing with shop personnel, working together when hiring new positions, questions dealing with insurance and 401K, and timecards.” – Lee Vanpay, Green Bay Shop

“I’m thankful for a great team of co-workers that help move my customers’ orders through our building in a timely manner. A big thanks you to Deb E., Ryan S., Bryan R., Dave W., Steve A. Larry C., Kurt B., Mauchie X.,  Kathy V., Nate V.,  Steve D., John B., Alyse D., Adam B., John S. and the Shipping Crew along with Lee V. and all the guys in the shop that make our stainless doors and frames! It’s pretty amazing how many people play a part in getting projects through our building.”Tom Van Ess, Green Bay Building Products Consultant

“I am thankful for Patrick C. because he hired me 14 years ago!” – Diana Hill, Cincinnati Administrative Support

“I am thankful for vendor technical support, if a product is ever acting up on site tech support is just a call away.  With all of the vendors and products we supply there is no way to fully understand every mechanical and electrical function of every piece of hardware.” – Nicole Kreisman, Appleton Engineering

 “I am thankful for Jared S. and Dave B. because they take the time to understand my questions/ideas and then help me understand why it can or can not be achieved with the computer program.” – Nicole Wafle, Green Bay Engineering

“I am thankful to be a part of an organization that has so many talented and experienced people at my fingertips to tap into when I need support. I still think of Laforce as a small company where I can have personal relationships with so many different people. – Rick Salmon, Green Bay Security Integration

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