Did you know? Top 5 Industries LaForce Serves

Healthcare Industry Project LaForce Inc

LaForce works in a wide scope of industries, supplying products and services to everything from churches to food processing plants. Read on to learn about the top five types of businesses where LaForce can be found!

  1. Commercial (includes retail, hospitality, and offices)

Project Example: “We are in the beginning stages of supplying material for the first building (of six) of Campus 5 at the EPIC business park in Verona, WI. The EPIC Systems Corporation is a privately held healthcare software company that has grown tremendously over the last decade. Each of the campuses at the EPIC business park is themed. At Campus 5, each building will have a completely different theme or author. Building number one – named “Alice” – will have hints of the Alice in Wonderland story, old English villages, and a Tudor/Elizabethan style. “Alice” has approximately 41 hollow metal frames, 409 wood frames, 17 hollow metal doors 437 wood doors, and related hardware.” – Ron Blank, Contract Sales in Madison, WI

  1. Education (includes K-12, colleges and universities, and dormitories)

Project Example: “New Trier High School has about 3,100 students and is located in Winnetka, IL. It is a 300,000 square foot addition to an already impressive campus. The addition is comprised of classrooms, laboratories, theaters and new cafeteria and library. It is roughly 500 openings, with a large amount of Elevation Frames (177) and Borrowed Lite Frames (236). The project is being constructed in two phases and will wrap up in 2017.” – Benjamin Nantell, Contract Sales in Vernon Hills, IL

  1. Healthcare (includes hospitals and other healthcare facilities)

Project Example: “The Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas will be a teaching hospital in the community. There are approximately 2,000 openings in this 500,000 square foot, brand-new facility, which is slated to open in 2017.” – Lucas Meneghini, Manager in Austin, TX

  1. Manufacturing

Project Example: “The Menasha Corporation building is an ongoing project with about 90 doors, located in Neenah, WI. This will be the new headquarters for the company’s largest subsidiary, Menasha Packing Company, which is a retail-focused packaging and merchandising solution provider. The building will be over 100,000 square feet and the project lasts until fall of 2016.” – Kelly O’Brien, Contract Sales in Green Bay, WI

  1. Public Buildings

Project Example: “The Municipal Building in Kaukauna, WI consists of 109 wood doors and 28 hollow metal doors. This will be a 42,000 square foot two story masonry structure that will house the City Hall Administrative Offices and Kaukauna Police Department. The project is shooting for a May 2016 completion.” – Brian Delveaux, Contract Sales in Green Bay, WI

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