Adding Access Control to Critical Systems and Files

Did you Aperio Cabinet Lock2know that data rooms and critical files can be secured with access control technology? There are many products on the market that can interact with your existing Access Control System (ACS) using existing credentials.

The door to your Information Technology data room may already be controlled by the ACS, so why not add another level of security by placing card access on the individual cabinet server racks inside the room? In doing so, the administrator can be assured that the correct person only has access to the equipment they need to have access to.

Records rooms become more secure by adding card access to individual cabinets. Critical files are secured in file cabinets with the ACS allowing only employees with specific credentials access to them. Auditing who and when the cabinets were opened by become an added deterrent feature.

Wireless options are available, therefore there is no need to run wires through the server racks and file cabinets. A wireless receiver can be hidden in the overhead and wired to the existing ACS for a seamless solution. Monitoring of the server rack or file cabinet is real time and audits can be reviewed in the event of a security breach.

LaForce would be happy to help you find the best solution for your critical systems and files safety. We can design, upgrade, install and service many options. Contact our Security Integration experts today!

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