The Evolution of Intercoms

Door Intercom Systems are a natural add-on for today’s electronic entry control solutions and are an essential tool at many secured entrances. Whether the intercom is a traditional audio only or the more modern version incorporating video, intercoms allow a live person to interact with the visitor prior to “buzzing” them in.

When you picture an intercom system, you probably picture a receptionist available all day to respond to intercom calls. This traditional type of system is still available, and can even support more than one receptionist station, but what should facilities do when having personnel available to monitor the intercom isn’t ideal?

Like many other technologies, intercom systems have greatly changed over the last several years. A new breed of intercom solutions can allow receptionists/personnel to interact with visitors virtually. Aiphone’s JKW-IP Series hands-free color video intercom uses a PC as a master station and is connected to a facility’s existing network. Receptionists can identify and communicate with visitors over the Internet, control PanTilt Zoom functions, open doors, and record videos of visitors on any PC where the free software is installed. When a visitor is at the door, an e-mail alert with a photo of the visitor is sent to the receptionist. The door station can be viewed on up to 10 different PCs and included master station.

If you’re looking for a new intercom solution, whether it be a traditional model or one offering this latest technology, contact your LaForce representative to learn about the variety of options available to you.

One thought on “The Evolution of Intercoms

  1. Hey this is a great post, good read. Do Aiphone do a SIP version ? I get the “IP” bit ? Its a demand from the end user who wants to converge their door access to the network. If you have a SIP version does that remove the need for the PC ?

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