Top 10 Fire Door Code Violations

door blockedThere are many ways fire doors can violate building codes. Often, these violations are simply from lack of awareness or lack of maintenance. Here is a list of the most common fire door code violations, according to the Door Security & Safety Foundation:

  1. Painted or missing fire door labels.
  2. Gaps that are too large around the perimeter of the door in the closed position.
  3. Kick-down door holders installed on the door.
  4. Auxiliary hardware items that interfere with the intended function of the door.
  5. Fire doors blocked to stay in the open position.
  6. Area surrounding the fire door assembly blocked by furniture, equipment and/or boxes.
  7. Broken, defective or missing hardware items (latch bolts and/or strike plates, closer arms, cover plates, etc.)
  8. Fire exit hardware installed on doors that are not labeled for use with fire exit hardware.
  9. Missing fastener or hardware attached with the incorrect fasteners.
  10. Bottom flush bolts that do not project a sufficient amount into the strike.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Fire Door Code Violations

  1. I’ve seen a lot of these myself, especially number 1. It’s surprising how many people simply don’t even know what that label is or care. It helps for the average person to know what the fire ratings are and what they mean. There just isn’t time for business owners to keep up on all of the codes.

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