Special-Lite Toilet Partitions

Facility managers and building owners have come to appreciate the durability of Special-Lite Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) doors. Wouldn’t it be great to have that same durability in toilet partitions?

Special-Lite has created a line of FRP toilet partitions that are as durable, maintenance-free and long-lasting as their FRP doors. Because of their ability to withstand abuse, Special-Lite’s FRP toilet partitions are ideal for restrooms that are heavily used and frequently abused, such as stadiums, retail centers, and parks.

The construction of Special-Lite toilet partitions makes them a good choice for locker rooms, pools, showers and other corrosive environments as well. Special-Lite toilet partitions are made with a sealed foam construction and individually injected with closed-cell urethane foam that bonds the panel edges and face sheet together to form a solid unit. This makes the toilet partitions 20% lighter than a comparable steel system and less than half the weight of HDPE solid plastic.

The panels and pilasters are 1.25” thick and have an aluminum perimeter edge trim for additional strength. Furthermore, Special-Lite uses full-height continuous material for the wall brackets, door stops, and gear hinges making the system more tolerant of abuse. This also provides a zero sight line system for added privacy.

Special-Lite toilet partitions are available in floor mounted overhead braced configurations for durability, and the urinal screens are wall hung. Four color choices are available: pearl gray, beige, colonial white, and black.

Contact LaForce for more information.

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