Door Control: The First Line of Defense for School Security

Security policies continue to be a top priority for schools. Improvements require a sensible balance between the security needs of the schools, the needs of the teachers and staff, and, of course, the budget. Today’s advancing security solutions developed for schools cover a wide range of applications, so where do you start?

The first line of defense often begins at the door itself and its chosen locking functionality. Much attention is directed toward Classroom Locks and practical/affordable enhancements to meet new challenges. With a classroom security function (a mechanical device):

  1. The teacher can leave the hallway side unlocked or locked as needed.
  2. Students cannot lock the teacher out of the room.
  3. The teacher can lock the hallway side without leaving the room.
  4. Status indication features conveys a lock’s mode- leaving little to chance.
  5. And most importantly free egress is always provided, never hindered.

Electronic entry control solutions, whether stand-alone or always on-line, add significant improvements not attainable with traditional classroom locks. Such improvements include lockdown strategies when/where warranted, real time reporting, and audit trail accountability. Wireless technologies aid in installation challenges, and when entry controls are combined with other security technologies (i.e. audio and visual intercom, video surveillance and recording technologies), they improve operational and life safety expectations.

Stand-Alone Locksets

The newest stand-alone battery operated school solutions enable teachers to lock down their classroom door with the click of a button, similar to a battery operated garage door opener. There is no need for the teacher to go to the door.

Always On-Line Locksets

Even greater control is available for schools looking to integrate their locks. Integrated locksets are always on-line and can receive a school-wide lock down command using a global control process. Using this option means teachers do not need to take independent action to lock down their classrooms. These locksets receive their global command either by a physical hardwired connection or by receiving the command via wireless connection.

There are many available options to fit most any school’s budget and security goals. A LaForce Security Integration specialist can walk you through the choices to find what best fits your needs.

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