Intelligent Locking Solutions a Focus at 2014 ISC Show

Held in April, the 2014 International Security Conference (ISC) show is the largest convention of its type with more than 28,000 security professionals in attendance ( It provides an important venue for LaForce’s Security Integrators to meet with our current vendors, investigate prospective vendors and study new and emerging technologies. Many of the products that are displayed at the ISC show are new to the market, and it is important that we are able to see these products and devices in action. It also gives us the opportunity to evaluate possible new products.

This year intelligent locking solutions were among the main products manufacturers displayed. One such product was the ASSA ABLOY IN120 lock. The IN120 is a WiFi enabled lock that allows a customer to use their existing wireless WiFi network infrastructure to implement these locks throughout their facility. It also provides NFC (Near Field Communications) capabilities, a technology that has been around awhile in Europe and is slowly taking a foothold in the United States. Near Field Communications give you the ability to use your NFC enabled device (e.g. most android phones and tablets, and iPhones with a special case) as your credential. In other words, you can use your phone to get you in the building instead of using a separate card. This has proven to be effective in higher education situations. One example of this was Arizona State University (ASU). We attended a presentation at which a representative from ASU described their implementation of the product. The representative discussed how it has improved their overall usage of the system as well as receiving a positive response from the students and staff using it daily.

ASSA ABLOY is exploring similar technologies using Bluetooth technology which is much more common on mobile devices. Your mobile device is becoming an ever increasing part of society today and tomorrow you may be using it to access your buildings. This may be a glimpse of how things will be in the future.

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