10 Questions to Consider when Assessing School Security

1. Is everyone who approaches the school directed to controlled entry points?

2. Is there security at the main entrance(s)?

3. How hard is it to get past the reception area and into the classroom corridors?

4. Do all visitors have ID badges? Are they allowed to move about the campus unaccompanied?

5. Can classrooms be locked from the inside?

6. Are all security cameras working? Are they set up for the best sight range? Are the areas well lit?

7. Are there any out-of-the-way restrooms or storage areas where someone could hide?

8. Are exterior doors that could be propped open fitted with alarms?

9. What kind of key system is in place? If actual keys are used, are all keys accounted for?

10. Are there any exterior conditions that could compromise security, such as untrimmed bushes or unlocked trash receptacles that could provide cover or hiding places?

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