Public Safety vs. Public shootings

Unfortunately, it appears that public shooting rampages are no longer a rare event.  One or two events are in the news or making breaking news every month.  As managers of both public and private buildings, we in the building maintenance industry are faced with an increasingly important challenge: how to keep the occupants of our buildings safe. This entails both keeping out trespassers and providing safety measures for the interior of the building in cases of emergency.

This is where the security experts at LaForce can help you. They can work with you to design a security system for your particular building needs. Options and benefits can include:

• In case of an emergency, lock down your entire facility in an instant.

• Control who can enter the building at what time, and which entrance they can use, along with an audit trail of all transactions.  This can be applied to employees and visitors.

• Lock down the building during business hours and restrict access to only those who have been granted access via user rights and credentials.

• No more handing out keys that are not returned or that are handed off to others without your knowledge.  No more rekeying all locks when keys are lost or compromised.

• 24-hour surveillance prevents theft, decreases violence and offers increased security and peace of mind.

• Access and control your security system from anywhere around the world via the web or mobile device.

To learn more about how we have helped other facilities and how we can help you, check out this case study.

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