The Complete Stainless Package

LaForce is a custom manufacturer of fire rated and non-rated Stainless Steel Doors and Frames.  Our seamless stainless steel doors and frames are ideally suited for locations where cleanliness is critical, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, food processing plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants and locations with caustic environments.  With our engineering expertise and connections with every major hardware manufacturer in the county, we can supply products to match existing conditions and your specific needs.  Virtually any specification requested by an architect, contractor, or owner can be fabricated in our Green Bay, Wisconsin, location.

Here is a list of LaForce’s standard stainless steel frame and 1 ¾”door specifications.

  • Frames are made of 14 or 12 gauge type 304 stainless steel with the option of 316 for more caustic environments.
  • Door panels are made of 16 or 14 gauge type 304 stainless steel with the option of 316 for more caustic environments.
  • Stainless steel frames and doors are polished to a #4 finish and covered with protective plastic.
  • Frame and door corners are face welded, then ground and buffed smooth to a #4 brushed finish for invisible seams.
  • When required, frames and doors are drilled and tapped for mortised hardware and properly reinforced for surface hardware.  All reinforcements are 316 stainless steel.
  • Frame Anchors are supplied suitable to wall conditions with a minimum of 6 jamb anchors and 2 base anchors per frame.
  • Rubber silencers are supplied installed at factory, 3 per strike jamb and 2 per double door heads.
  • Window and louver kits are manufactured to match stainless as specified.
  • Door core choices include styrene, honeycomb, urethane or stiffened (glued or welded) with mineral wool.
  • Surface applied hardware shall be field drilled by others

Many options are available for LaForce’s custom manufacturing stainless doors and frames, such as:

Frame Options:

• Various profiles and elevations

• Welded frames available with close tolerance visible mitre at corners in lieu of fully welded face seams

• Knocked down frames are available with close tolerance mitre at corners

• Removable mullions available

Door Options:

• UL rated doors with honeycomb or welded steel stiffened cores

• Flush top and bottom channels or four-sided seamless construction

• Steel stiffened cores available either as glued in or spot welded.

Note: Spot welded stiffeners produce perceptible weld marks on face sheets.

• Varying glass sizes and thicknesses available

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