Don’t Blow Away: High-Speed Hand Dryers

As the winter weather continues to blow a chill through us and strong winds cause many people to complain, let’s remind ourselves about the positive aspects of forceful winds, specifically high-speed hand dryers. High-speed hand dryers are becoming more and more popular in public restrooms since they are efficient, they are eco-friendly by saving paper, and they tend to be more sanitary. For most high-speed hand dryers, the air is blown from two to three sides, blowing the air down and back away from the user, preventing water from splashing back at the user. The average dryer can complete the job in just over 10 seconds. Furthermore, they have been shown to be ultra hygienic because about 99% of airborne bacteria is eliminated by them with a filter system.

Most high-speed hand dryers are easy to use with no need to bend over or bend at the knees. They are easy to maintain, easy to adjust air flow and easy to clean and change filters, if the system contains one. Also, in many cases, high-speed dryers are vandal-resistant because they are mounted in a dual-step security system.

Even though we can use high-speed air to benefit our restroom experiences, we still have the right to complain when there is a wind chill making it even colder!

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