What Are You Thankful For?

Employees at LaForce know that there are a few door, frame and/or hardware items that are easy to access, reliable and strong products. We tend to lean on these items in many situations. Therefore, they Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we’d like to express our thanks for the simple things that make our jobs easier – even if it is just door and frame hardware!

Tom V. is thankful for Full Surface Continuous Hinges. These hinges really come in handy when a customer’s door has literally fallen off its hinges. It works great whether it’s on an aluminum door where a pivot is eroded or on a standard steel door where the hinges/hinge preps have lost strength due to heavy use and typical sagging at the top.

Kelly O. is thankful for all of the hinges, locks, closers, etc. that we stock at LaForce.  It really helps having a variety of stocked items when we are trying to help a customer with a specific need.

Curtis B. in Phoenix is thankful for positive relationships with local manufacturer’s representatives and for the network of local installers that help solve complex customer issues.

Frank S. in the LaForce keying department is thankful for High-Security Schlage Primus keys and cylinders. These particular keys and cylinders are his ‘go-to’ products because of their added security and compatibility with other manufacturer’s locks.


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