LaForce’s Employees Have Giving Power: The LaForce 2013 United Way Workforce Campaign

The giving power of LaForce’s employees was explosive for our 2013 United Way Superhero Campaign. For our 18th campaign year, we set an impressive goal of $18,000, and we beat that goal. Besides bringing in a lot of money to benefit the community, this year’s campaign was filled with superhero fun!

Our campaign kicked-off with employees showing their jaw strength in the eating challenges. Completing in the Hot or Cold categories, participants dug into the hot wings or ice cream in attempt to win gift cards. The campaign wrapped up with a Thank You Lunch at which six LaForce’s employees donned the outfit of their favorite superhero. With the superheroes’ help at the lunch, the Arms Length Raffle Department/Group Baskets were raffled off while many employees waited with much anticipation to see who would take home each basket of goodies. Some of the creative themes of the baskets included the Tailgate Package, the Duff Beef basket, the Golf Package, the Storage Wars Container and the crowd’s favorite, Party on a Pallet, containing a year’s worth of beer. Thank you to all departments and groups of employees for your donations of items for the baskets.

There were many ways to join in the campaign fun this year. Employees could wear jeans for a week by donating $5 to the cause, and many played the annual BINGO game or tested their knowledge answering superhero quizzes found around the building.  This year, like many in the past, 49% of our employees generously donated using the United Way pledge form.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our successful 2013 campaign!

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