Double Door Action: Fire Rated Behavioral Healthcare Patient Room Access Door

Ceco Behavioral DoorASSA ABLOY’s Ceco Door, has developed a door within a door solution to allow for healthcare providers and caretakers to safely enter a patient’s room in case of an emergency, while maintaining the security of facility.

The outer door is the standard, in-swinging door for the room. In addition, a smaller door is built inside the outer door that can open outward into the corridor. This provides authorized caretakers to quickly access to the patient’s room when a patient has blocked access to the room through the inward swing door.  The inner door is a safer solution because access to the room can’t be blocked from the inside; it can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Furthermore, the inner door is self-closing, allowing for quick access, but making it difficult for occupants to escape. The double door solution also has a vision lite for healthcare personnel to see the room in which they are entering.

This new design and application meets required industry codes. Additionally, it is UL Positive Pressure 45 Minute fire rated because the outer door, the door used on a regular basis, swings inward.  Another benefit of the double door solution is its Microshield antimicrobial coating to help fight the spread of germs.  Overall, this new door application allows for safer options for patients as well as health care professionals.

Common Places to find this new application:

  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • De-escalation Rooms
  • Psychiatric Facilities
  • Patient Room Doors
  • Behavioral Health Units

One thought on “Double Door Action: Fire Rated Behavioral Healthcare Patient Room Access Door

  1. 1. Why not making simply the outer door opening outwards? In this way no possibility of blocking the door from the inside can occur. Please note that such a requirement is important in bathrooms of all kind of patients and that is why the outwards swinging of their doors is recommended. Additionally in common patient rooms (hospitals) access is allowed from both sides ,which means that the outwards swinging of the door would prohibit the possibility of blocking access to the room from the inside. Note that in these cases blocking access to the room is meant only by fainting of a patient inside the room and falling on or in front of the door . No intentionally blocking of access is addressed.
    In Correctional Facilities,De-escalation Rooms,Psychiatric Facilities and Behavioral Health Units, where access from the outside is allowed only to authorized people, while exiting the room is possible only through a key or specific accessory and arrangements automatically or manually controlled from the outside, the outwards swinging is enough for prohibiting any intentionally from the inside blocking of access to the room. A double door like the one you propose would only double the need for dealing with special security arrangements of two locks.

    Question: what is the width of the inner door? What is the smallest width of the outer door on which such an inner door can be applied?

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