Biometric Access Control Technologies

After being at ASIS show in Chicago a couple weeks back and seeing the newest technology first hand, Rob R., LaForce Security Integration specialist, notes a few of his insights.

“The surest way to know exactly who is coming and going into a secure area is with biometric technology.  A brass key, push keypad, credential card or fob can be borrowed, lost or stolen, but it is very difficult to borrow, replicate or steal a person’s biometry.  Biometric technology has come a long way in recent years.  It once only read a person’s fingerprint. Now it goes much deeper and can even read vascular structure.

Biometric solutions are more affordable than ever before with increasing sophistication and reliability.  There are several models LaForce works with, including Suprema’s BioEntry Plus and Bioscrypt 4G V-Flex.  Both have proven to be reliable for customers demanding a secure and flexible technology.  These products work with most access control systems and can be used in place of most card credential readers at an opening.  These types of products perform best when they are kept clean and are protected from the weather.

Newer and more costly biometric technologies including facial recognition, retina scanners and many others continue to be developed. In fact, at the ASIS Show in Chicago, I was able to see and experience an over-the-door iris-based identity authentication system first hand at the Stanley booth.  After being registered for the first time, the Eyelock HBOX device read my retina as I walked up to the door and upon validation, the automatic door opened while stating my name.  Stanley also offers a smaller version for a single operated door with less traffic known as the Eyeswipe.  The best aspect of biometric technology is the fact you do not need to carry keys or an access card with you.  Your body essentially becomes the credential which no one can replicate… at least for now.”

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