ASIS Security Integration Conference and Trade Show

LaForce believes in encouraging continuous education for our employees to stay up-to-date on the latest security products and technological advancements. In order to continue to be experts in our field, we sent our entire Security Integration team, along with various other employees, to the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Show held in Chicago at the end of September. Here are some thoughts from our experts on their experience at the show:

“It’s good to be able to see the access control industry as a whole at these events.  We get a good idea of what direction the industry is going with technology, and this helps us better match our customers up with the equipment that best meets their needs.” – Tony Warren –

“It was amazing to see how many different vendors and products there are available to provide security options to our customers.”  – Heather Wirz –

“The ASIS Conference was a great opportunity to gain exposure to the many different security products and their vast applications.  I’ve already come across an application for a product that I would have not otherwise known existed if it wasn’t for visiting the ASIS Conference.” – Joe Korb –

“I enjoyed learning about all the new technology on display.  Another positive was being able to become more familiar with some of the lesser known manufacturers/providers.” – Severin Guzzonato –

“Wow, it was amazing to see every imaginable SI type of solution to meet our customer’s ongoing challenges and requirements all under one roof! It was also beneficial to meet and learn about the innovative ideas from smaller and newer start-up firms, too.”    – Michael Skolnick –

“The ASIS show covers security in aspects beyond what I had expected upon arriving.  It’s more than just door security, vendors of card readers, electronic locks, and cameras.  There are booths that cover a wide range of items for security from simple padlocks, to guard uniforms, to traffic control gates, and even to trained security dogs.  Whatever your security needs are, there’s likely a booth on display at this show to get information and teach us about the products/services available.”   – Scott Cooper –

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