Stainless Steel Doors and Frames

Many people find the sleek look and cleanliness of stainless steel appliances a must in their homes. They get stainless steel refrigerators, stoves, dishwaters, sinks, etc.  However, in many facilities, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, food processing plants and sewage treatment plants, the cleanliness a stainless steel door and frame provides is a necessity.  Stainless steel is a non-absorbable material. Combine that with continuously welded edges on the stainless doors, and you get a door on which germs and bacteria won’t grow. This makes them ideal for places concerned with cleanliness.

LaForce’s stainless steel doors are crafted of three basic parts: stiffeners, insulation and face sheet. The interior of the door is made of styrene, urethane or honeycomb.  All the corners, the top and bottom of the door included, are continuously welded to prevent water and germs from getting and sitting in the door’s edges.  For aesthetics and cleanliness, the door’s vertical edge seams run the full height of the door, and the joint welds are ground smooth making the joint almost invisible. The joints are also buffed after the grinding to make the joint finish match the door’s face.  For extra support, hinge reinforcements, made of seven gauge metal, are welded inside the seams and are virtually unseen.

For over 35 years, LaForce has been custom manufacturing stainless steel doors and frames to provide our customers with openings that match their existing conditions, meet their code needs and follow their architectural design. Our expert welders and project managers are trained to the highest level to make sure the final product matches the plans.  Since we do our own manufacturing, we are able to provide timely deliveries based on our own lead-times.  In addition, we can provide you with hardware for the entire opening, making us a one stop shop.

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