5 Reasons to have an Annual LaForce Inspection

Is Your Facility Code Compliant?

If the answer is “I don’t know”, you may need to have a LaForce certified inspector come to your facility to perform an inspection. By having this inspection annually, you may…

1.) Avoid potential liability issues

2.) Find doors that have been altered – compromising the safety of the occupants,

3.) Ensure that products used in the opening have been installed properly,

4.) Ensure the openings are functioning as intended,

5.) Covey to your AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) that you are code compliant.

What makes LaForce inspectors qualified?

Our inspectors are:

1.)    Certified to inspect fire door openings for the safety benefit of everyone involved,

2.)    Your door opening specialist for life safety and security,

3.)    Experts in design and function of door openings,

4.)    Informative so the building owner can convey to the AHJ they are code compliant

5.)    Trained to show your maintenance personnel the proper procedures,

6.)    Educated to ensure everything was properly installed and functioning correctly.

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